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Four Questions to Ask When It's Time to Modernize Your Data Center Cloud computing is here to stay. The agility and scalability of the cloud model - as well as  its ability to transform up-front capital expenditures into flexible operating expenditures - are too compelling to ignore. For CIOs in organizations of all sizes, the question is no longer whether to take advantage of the cloud ... but how. Unfortunately, that question isn't as easy to answer as it might sound. Not all cloud providers are created equal. Different vendors offer different features, terms and service levels. And once you engage with one vendor, it can be difficult to change your mind down the road - even if that vendor's offering doesn't fully mesh with your existing IT practices and policies. While navigating the cloud marketplace can be a challenge, you can successfully formulate your strate... (more)

Desktop Virtualization: VMware's Solution Claims 7,000 Customers

After winning cross-industry adoption including financial services, healthcare, education, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, telecoms and the public sector, VMware View - with more than 1 million seats estimated across 7,000 customers - is establishing itself as the standard of choice to centralize desktop management. That, anyway, is the claim of Jocelyn Goldfein, vice president and general manager of the desktop business unit for VMware (pictured below). "The first wave of virtual desktop adoption came from customers driven to address security and compliance requirements, followed by a second wave focused on TCO," Goldfein explained as VMworld got going for its third day. "The next wave of adoption," she continued, "is being driven by the shift from device- to user-centric computing -- where users have freedom of access to their applications and data from any device... (more)

VMware’s Genius: Doing Something Old

Virtualization Magazine on Ulitzer Here's my premise:  high impact, culture-bending technological innovations - however different they may be one from another - conform to a predictable template of evolution.  It goes something like this: 1.       Break-thru - The point of entry at which a technology breaks onto the market scene doing something old in a dramatically new way.  The break-thru vendor, frequently a modest sized venture or start-up, faces the uphill struggle to educate, and otherwise evangelize its would-be market.  It is an expensive, labor-intensive phase in which there the potential rewards are as high as the risk of failure.  Early adopters assume the risk of pioneering to gain substantial advantages in costs and/or performance. Greg O'Connor at the AppZero booth during 4th International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo, at Santa Clara Convention Cen... (more)

Integration and Interoperability

The silos within IT are breaking down, at least in terms of awareness of each other and the need to coordinate provisioning and orchestration of compute, network and application services. No longer is it acceptable to simply provide a solution; that solution must integrate, collaborate and interoperate with a plethora of existing and emerging data center technologies such as SDN, cloud management platforms, and virtualization frameworks. After all, part of the raison d'être for SDN is the need to enable the network with the agility and flexibility of its counterparts- devops and application development - necessary to improve service velocity. That goal cannot be realized by enabling just the underlay networks addressed by SDN architectures. The application service layers (4-7) must also support the programmability, dynamism, and flexibility promised by SDN guiding ... (more)

Exclusive Q&A with VMware CTO Steve Herrod

"There's a lot of hype over cloud computing, but we're confident that we will have the tools to make the hype a reality and help enterprises leverage this new computing model for all of their applications and with their management and security concerns addressed," says VMware CTO Steve Herrod in this Exclusive Q&A with Jeremy Geelan, Conference Chair of SYS-CON's Cloud Computing Expo series (California, New York, and Prague). Steve Herrod, VMware CTO, during his Virtualization Conference & Expo Keynote in New York City Jeremy Geelan: Do you agree with Dell's Drew Engstrom that "virtualization has matured to the point where it is not just viewed as a red-hot, ‘solve everything' technology, but as an effective meet specific business needs and objectives"? Are we really that far along already - and if so why? Steve Herrod: At VMware, we've worked together with ... (more)

Terremark Cloud Hosting for SAP

Terremark announced it is the first service provider to offer hosting services for SAP solutions on its cloud computing platform. Through its innovative Enterprise Cloud infrastructure, Terremark will be able to leverage its secure, top-tier data centers with access to massive and diverse network connectivity to provide customers a new, cost-effective model for hosting their SAP solutions in a live production environment. “Terremark’s hosting services will offer several benefits to both small and large SAP customers," said Michael Ressemann, global head of BPO Solution Delivery and Partner Enablement at SAP. "Our partnership with Terremark will provide customers the ability to experience significant cost savings, while not having to sacrifice the reliability of their hosted SAP applications." Powered by the VMware virtualization platform, the Enterprise Cloud allows... (more)

VMware Betas Free VMware Go

VMware started chasing small and mid-size customers Monday with a beta of VMware Go, a free web-based service that automates ESXi installation and configuration so first-time customers can get started with virtualization. It’s supposed to “dramatically” simplify the process of virtualizing their applications down to a few mouse clicks. Dan Chu presented at SYS-CON's 5th Virtualization Conference & Expo VMware’s VP of emerging products and markets Dan Chu says, “We want SMBs who may be sitting on the fence to realize all the benefits of virtualization without burdening their limited IT resources.” VMware claims ESXi is the industry’s most widely deployed hypervisor, with hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. It’s free too. VMware developed Go in partnership with Shavlik Technologies, a member of its Technology Alliance Partner Program. Go is expected to become genera... (more)

Commentary: Sun’s Oracle Merger

Mergers & Acquisitions on Ulitzer With only the ‘you may now kiss the bride’ custom to follow, the Oracle/Sun marriage (or dare I say Sun/Oracle) is now finally complete. After months of legal wrangling which has caused nothing but embarrassment and dwindled Sun’s stature within the market sphere, reports also came out that half of Sun's 27,000 staff will be made redundant. Thus initial indications are clear that Oracle, known for its past agnosticism to open source has an eye for the merger being based on maximizing profit. In the meantime Sun’s competitors are probably smiling wryly as the delay of the merger played into their immediate interests but what threats and challenges does this partnership now pose to the once great open source vendor which did so much for developing the tech and e-commerce industry. One thing which Oracle will most probably do is addres... (more)

Microsoft Brings Cloud Interoperability Down to Earth

Microsoft Azure Sessions at Cloud Expo An interoperable cloud could help companies cut costs and governments connect constituents, say Microsoft executives. Governments and businesses alike are looking at cloud services as a way to consolidate IT infrastructure, scale their IT systems for the future, and enable innovative services and activities that were not possible before. To help organizations realize the benefits of cloud services, technology vendors are investing in the hard work of identifying and solving the challenges presented by operating in mixed IT environments, and are collaborating to ensure that their products work well together. In fact, although the industry is still in the early stages of collaborating on cloud interoperability issues, there has already been considerable progress. But what does ‘cloud interoperability’ mean, and how is it benefiti... (more)

VMware Numbers Up

VMware, which makes the stuff of clouds, turned up Tuesday with Q2 revenues up 48% to $673.9 million, exceeding predictions. It earned $75 million, or 18 cents a share, more than double a year ago. It said US revenues were up 43% to $334 million and international revenues up 53% to $340 million. License revenues were $324 million, up 42%, and service revenues, which include software maintenance and professional services, were up 54% to $350 million. It said the results were driven by demand across all products and regions. Total deferred revenues were $1.5 billion, up 58%. This quarter it expects revenues between $680 million and $705 million with license revenues flat sequentially. The projection is supposed to be conservative because of the dicey macroeconomy, particularly Europe. Still it’s more than the $671.9 million that the Street had guessed. The virtualizati... (more)

Cloud Expo 2011 East To Attract 10,000 Delegates and 200 Exhibitors

SYS-CON Events announced today that the 8th International Cloud Expo will take place June 6-9, 2011, in New York City. The International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo series is the world's leading Cloud-focused event and is held three times a year, in New York, Silicon Valley and in Europe. Over 600 corporate sponsors and 10,000 industry professionals have participated in Cloud Computing Expo since its inception, more than all other Cloud-related events put together. Cloud Computing Expo 2011 East Call for Papers Deadline November 30, 2010 - SUBMIT YOUR SPEAKING PROPOSAL TODAY! The four-day event will offer a rich array of sessions led by exceptional speakers about the business and technical value of cloud computing with more than 150 sponsors and exhibitors and over 5,000 estimated delegates from well over 48 different countries. Explore Cloud Expo Sponsorship &... (more)